Sound with character

Very few people are the same all the time. There are several sides to us all – and we ap­pre­ciate different things at different times, not least when it comes to sounds. Sometimes we prefer deli­cate and so­phisticated sounds, whereas at other times we crave forceful, more stirr­ing sounds that call to our emotions. 

Poseidon meets all types of demands. This ArciTec subwoofer can be used for two-chan­nel stereo as well as for complete home cinema set-ups – without ever compromis­ing the sound qual­ity. Transition is seamless across the entire audio range, from the subtle acous­tic de­tails of a string section to the crash and roar of the sound effects from a James Bond movie – simply because Poseidon is specifically designed for it. In the same way as all other ArciTec products it has been developed according to the acoustic principle that the repro­duc­tion of sound be as true to its na­tural source as possible. At the same time, the design is the result of a desire to synthesise beauty and expediency. 

Combine Poseidon with Athena and/or Athena 0.5, and you can be sure of the most beautiful sound solution possible – both visually and acous­tically.


Sound technology in a class of its own

Although its output is voluminous, Poseidon has an extraordinarily compact design. The cabi­net contains a newly developed 10” woofer with an impressive 44 mm stroke. At the same time, the bass unit produces very little distortion. Moreover, as this unit has been spe­cially developed for smaller cabinets, electronic equalisation can be omitted com­plete­ly in favour of completely natural bass reproduction. 

To ensure both stability and precise bass reproduction, the cabinet is designed as a hexagon bass reflex system with a resonance-dampened spiral port. The bass unit is driven by a powerful 225 W amplifier, which is able to supply as much as 600 W dynamically. A specially designed con­trol circuit RDP-Limitation® en­sures that the amplifier is able to handle even the most forceful sound pres­sures – both naturally produced bass from pure audio and more intense sound effects from your favourite move – without clipping.


To ensure maximum musicality, Poseidon’s built-in amplifier is designed as a traditional High-End amplifier, operating in class AB. In addition the amplifier is equipped with the newly developed RDP-Limitation® system, which secure that clipping can not occur at maximum load.
To ensure stable and precise bass reproduction, Poseidon has been designed as a bass reflex system with a resonance-dampened (RD) spiral port.
The specially developed 10” woofer features an impressive 44 mm stroke, which means that it is able to supply the same sound pressure as a conventional 15” unit.
A new item of furniture 

In addition to its impressive range of technological features, Poseidon is also extremely easy to place. Its design reflects great respect for the individuality of people’s homes in that it can be incorporated as a natural part of almost any interior design – as a small side table, for ex­­ample. The decoupling effect of the cut-glass top is so efficient that vibra­tions from the cabinet do not affect articles placed on it, and all connections and operating facil­ities are so unobtrusively positioned that Poseidon appears practically identical from all sides. In addition to all this, its advanced technology means that it requires no ad­just­ment to switch from one source of sound to an­other. 

In short, Poseidon is a remarkably versatile and user-friendly subwoofer with un­be­lievably low distortion and perfect linearity, is able to reproduce frequencies as low as 18 Hz.

Technical specifications
Frequency response
Bass unit
Signal limitation
Maximum SPL
Dimensions (L x H x W)
Power consumption, max.
Power consumption, idle
Power consumption, standby
Bass Reflex System with RD-spiral port (Resonance Dampened)
18-40/100 Hz +/- 3dB
10"XLS (Xtra Long Stroke) unit
225W RMS class AB (600W dynamically)
RDP Limitation® (Real-time Dynamic Peak)
113 dB/1m
Level, phase, crossover frequency
600 x 460 x 520mm
42 kg
While the Athena models are available in a range of beautiful colours. Poseidon is primarily black. However, the "family ties" between them are beautifully highlighted by the aluminium stripes on the sides of the Poseidon, which are available in exactly the same range of colours.