HERA - High performance in compact design

HERA is a compact and flexible speaker with an impressive sound performance. HERA is the obvious choice in small and medium sized rooms where it can be difficult to find the required space as well as a good placement. Thanks, to the speakers impressive sound stage, you would always experience the sound as being present, and with a lot of body. HERA's compact design as well as it is specially designed accessories secures that the speaker can be used both on wall, shelf and stand. HERA is currently avalible in brushed aluminium with black front grill.

HERA can hang on the wall vertical or horizontal.
HERA-centre, is a special version of HERA which is specially optimized to reproduce the centre channal sound in a multichannal home cinema setup. The HERA-centre is fully magneticly shielded so it can be placed close to TV monitors without disturbing the picture.
HERA be place free in the room on the elegant HERA -stand, the stand is designed so the cabels are hidden inside the construction.

Technical specifications
Crossover frequency
Impedance, nominal
Short term max. power
Long term max. power
Dimensions (L x H x B) 
60-20.000 Hz +/- 3dB 
2.500 Hz
88 dB (1W / 1M)
8 ohm
150 W
100 W
1 x 5" Woofer
1 x 1" textile dome tweeter
2 vejs bassreflex
350 x 145 x 215mm
5,1 kg