EROS - Columns of sound


EROS is our latest floor standing speaker specially designed for placement near to reflecting boundaries. The advantages by the use of this design is that the speaker can be placed near to reflecting boundaries, even corners without loosing its sound performance, resulting in a easy placement in your home. Furthermore, due to the front grill is situated high on the column, the sound would easy pass obstructing furniture such as sofas and chairs without loosing sound stage. EROS is currently avalible in brushed aluminium with black front grill.
The EROS speakers is very suitable for both 2 channal stereo and for multichannal home cinema sound, since the sound from EROS speakers matches perfectly with the speakers from the HERA series, they can be combined to an elegant and harmonious home cinema sound soloution.

Technical specifications
Crossover frequency
Impedance, nominal
Short term max. power
Long term max. power
Dimensions (L x H x B) 
50-20.000 Hz +/- 3dB 
2.500 Hz
88 dB (1W / 1M)
8 ohm
150 W
100 W
1 x 5" Woofer
1 x 1" textile dome tweeter
2 vejs bassreflex 
1015 x 125 x 170 mm
7,5 kg